Mia, happy ending after a TPLO

Mia, an 11 year old Boxer, had a TPLO to address a torn ACL. Two months after surgery, her owner RL writes:

“My first experience with this surgery was overall a roller coaster! I knew it was her best option, so deciding upon the surgery was easy. Leading up to it, I was a nervous wreck. Just the thought of all the long recovery time and that sometimes the first surgery does not take and of course the thought of her going through all of this was very difficult. The night after surgery was the worst, she was vomiting on the ride home and cried through out the whole night- heart breaking.
But after that first day she was a brand new dog! She looked comfortable and quickly adjusted to everything. Once her collar came off 2 weeks later she really started cheering up and seemed to not mind her enclosed area as much. And now she is back to her old self and we all could not be more thrilled!! Surgery was for sure the right option for us and we are so thankful for all that you did. You made this process much easier! I would make the same choice again if we had to. We are thrilled with the results and so so so so grateful that there was this option to enhance her well being after her injury. Can not say enough good things!”

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