A great update 2 years after a shattered femur

Didder, a 2 year old cat, was likely hit by a car. It broke his femur (thigh bone) in multiple pieces – so many that amputation was discussed. But the bone was repaired, and 2 years later, his owner OM writes:
“Hi Dr. Zeltzman, Dit is doing great! You’d never know anything happened to Didder - which is greater than any outcome we could have imagined the sad night we found him so horribly broken! We feel a bump at the joint, but it doesn’t seem to bother him. We weren’t sure Dit would even survive the degloving injury. When that appeared to be successful, we considered the options for his leg. We were sure Dit would have a good life with amputation. When we knew reconstruction was an option we decided to try. He was very young and had a lot of years ahead.
The Barton Heights staff was amazing and supportive. From the initial emergency intake to when I called with questions (I had lots). The crate recovery was long and challenging, but worth it. As soon as you gave the ok to letting him out of the crate - slowly at first - we did. He never looked back!
Our family is grateful that you were able to successfully rebuild our baby boy, and to Barton Heights for their care. Dit brings us lots of joy. We have three cats with their own personalities, but he is the funny one.
Thank you again for everything. Of course we wish this never happened, but we feel very lucky that we had access to such great care.”

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