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Bernie, happy TPLO update after 4 months - and a kind referral

Bernie, a 3 year old Pit Bull, had a TPLO to address a torn ACL. Four months after surgery, his owner JH writes: 
“Good evening. It has been 4 months since Bernie's TPLO surgery. He is doing very well. 
We got our other dog back and they play. We try and keep them from getting too rough. 
He has not limped or lifted his back leg in weeks. 
He goes for his walks though a little more infrequent with the low temps at night. When we get back he seems like he wants to keep going and is not ready to go home yet! 
Thank you very much and please let us know if there is anything else we need to keep doing. 
In addition you will most likely be doing the same surgery on my father in law’s dog. They were very pleased with Bernie's results and he needs knee surgery as well.”

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