Rusty's Story of Paralyzation Due to a Slipped Disc

Rusty is a 3 year old poodle who was completely paralyzed in the back legs because of a slipped disc. Two weeks later, at suture removal, Rusty is walking! His owners,  KB & BB write:

"Dear Dr. Zeltzman,  Thank You so much for taking such good care of our baby, Rusty. I know it has only been 2 weeks since his surgery and he just got his staples out today, but he is doing so well and we are so thrilled. (...) I am so glad we brought him to you right away and that you were able to take care of him immediately. We know that timing is everything with these kinds of injuries. We will always be extremely grateful to you. 
Thanks again,  Mom and Dad."


Here is an incredibly nice note spontaneously sent by a client.  Her poodle Rusty was paralyzed because of a slipped disc.  After spinal surgery and 2 months of strict confinement in a baby playpen, she writes:

"My hope is that anyone who is going through my situation will read your success stories and receive comfort from the stories just like I did when it happened to Rusty.  I still cry tears of joy when I read the stories.  When it happens, it is so heart breaking and scary and it is nice to know that thanks to you and your team, patients can recover completely. You give us our babies back.  Those 2 months were very long because he was so well and he did not want to stay in that cage, but so worth every second.

Thank You for everything!!!"

After the final recheck at two months postop, KB writes again:
"Hi Dr. Zeltzman, Rusty is getting around like nothing ever was wrong with him. (...) I cried because I am so happy he is so good. My baby went from being completely paralyzed in the back legs to almost completely back to normal. I can never thank you enough for that.
Thank you again for everything.  Rusty's very relieved Mom"


One year later, his owner KB writes:

“Hi Dr. Zeltzman,  Tomorrow is a year since Rusty's surgery and he if FANTASTIC!  (…) He can out walk his mom on any day!  The good news is Rusty is doing so well and those 2 very long months of postop recovery were worth every second to have our little angel back and walking!  Thank You again for everything!  Rusty's very happy mom!”

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