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An amazing card after 2 TPLOs on Broadway

Twice in 2016, Broadway, a 4 year old Lab, had a TPLO to address a torn ACL in his knees. Sadly, he developed a medical condition unrelated to the surgeries. His owner KD writes:
“Dr Zeltzman, I'm not sure I could ever find the words to express my sincere appreciation for all of your support, guidance, and care and concern for Broadway. This road hasn't been easy, actually it's quite overwhelming, though your willingness to remain in touch, connected, and professional treatment has allowed me to be calm and trust that he can get stronger and enjoy life. I thank you very much and it's been a blessing for us to have been referred to someone such as yourself to be an integral part in Broadway's recovery.
Much thanks and appreciation.
P.S. The picture is of Broadway wearing a lei in support of his human brother leaving to Hawaii for the US Navy submarine”

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