Dutchess is back to normal after her TPLO

Dutchess, a 4 year old Lab, had a TPLO to address a torn ACL in her knees. Her owner SN writes:

“Good afternoon, I just wanted to follow up with you with Dutchess and her TPLO surgery you did back in the fall. She is doing great! We just finished her rehab. She never had any issue with her leg after taking her for walks. The weather had made if difficult a few time but in made sure to walk around the house for a few. She did run in the fenced yard the other day after something but seemed fine after. I will be cautious the next few weeks to make sure
She acts just like she did before the injury. No limping, no walking different, etc. So I would say 100% normal. (…)
Thank you again for helping her get back to her normal self!”

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