A quick note 1 month after Major’s brain surgery!

Major, a cute 4 month old German Shepherd, had severe skull fractures after getting bitten in the head. He was blind at the time of surgery, possibly from pressure on his brain by a giant blood clot.
We put the shattered skull back together in order to protect his brain, and 1 month after surgery, his owner CM sent this note, along with the video below:
“Here is Major 4 weeks post-surgery. He is doing great.
His vision is so so. I think he is totally blind in his right eye. His left eye is not 100 percent but he manages to get around great. Our back yard is fenced in so he loves being outside playing with his best friend, our cat.
I'm hoping to start him back in obedience school next.
Thank you all for saving our puppy.”


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