“A new lease on life” after Mabel’s intimate “cosmetic” surgery

Mabel, an 8 year old Collie mix, had a redundant vulvar fold. This is an extra fold of skin covering her vulva. It is also called “recessed vulva” or “vulvar fold dermatitis”. To avoid ongoing infections, the only long-term solution is surgery, called an episioplasty or vulvoplasty.

7 months after surgery, her family vet writes:
"Mabel was a vulvoplasty patient you did for us back in January - was in today for annual exam and vaccines - the owner feels the surgery has given Mabel a "new lease on life". Has not bothered the vulva since surgery - no pain, no odor, no infection - happy dog. Looked great - owners are super pleased. Just wanted you to know."

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