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Kali and the amazing liver cancer story

Kali, a 15 year old Australian cattle dog, had a “cancerous” liver mass. It was supposed to be the size of a pear, but turned out to be the size of a cantaloupe! We removed it and Kali recovered well. Shockingly, a week later, the biopsy came back…benign!
Kali’s owner CH writes:
“Dr. Zeltzman, We cannot thank you enough for saving our precious Kali! We don’t think she would have lasted much longer with that massive tumor on her liver and I was scared to put her through such a surgery at her ripe age of 15.
But because of you we still have her with us today and I am happy to report she has fully recovered. She is doing fantastic... even better than before surgery! My husband and I recently found her on the couch sleeping upside down... and it dawned on us that it has been almost a year or so since she stopped jumping on furniture.
We thought it was because of her arthritis in her elbows... but now we believe the tumor was making her uncomfortable to jump and lay on her back. Thank you for keeping our family together a little longer!”

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