How Nestle’s leg almost got amputated

Nestle, a 6 year old Pit bull, was diagnosed with bone cancer. That was the opinion of her family vet and a surgeon she had been referred to. Long story short, her owner got in touch with me… and it turned out to be a torn ACL. So Nestle had a TPLO to address the torn ACL. After surgery, her owner TS writes:

“Dr. Zeltzman was incredibly professional from the very first time we contacted him, and he was very clear and transparent every time we spoke with him throughout the process. Without a doubt, Dr. Zeltzman and the staff at Brodheadsville Vet Clinic saved and changed Nestle‘s life for the absolute best, and they gave me back my best friend when I thought I’d lost her for good. Nestle is now post-op and better than ever. We can’t wait until recovery is over and to get back to the dog park with our other furry friends. Thank you Dr. Zeltzman! :)”

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