Sealie's Story of Torn ACL and Lymphoma

An amazing email sent 6 years after surgery!

Sealie, an 8 year old kitty, was in a tough situation. She had a torn ACL, but also lymphoma (cancer).  Six years after her ACL surgery, her owner AG writes:  “(…) You repaired her ACL. It was in 2007 I believe and it was not too long after she was diagnosed with lymphoma. We were uncertain if we should proceed with the surgery because of her cancer diagnosis, but we decided to go ahead and have the surgery done by you. We are forever grateful to you for doing her surgery and we are glad that we decided to do it because we got another wonderful 6 years with her. She passed away from the lymphoma in August of 2013. She was such a joy in our lives and you gave us the greatest gift which was more time with her.”

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