Daisy is “joyful, playful and bouncy” 6 months after her TPLO

Daisy, a 9 year old Lab, had a TPLO to address a torn ACL. Six months after surgery, her owner DB writes:
“Dear Dr. Zeltzman: this message is overdue, but the heartfelt thank you remains. You performed TPLO surgery and removed a mass from Daisy’s chest and eyelid all in the same day! She is doing great and has been back to her joyful, playful and bouncy self for some time now. The comfort you brought while our whole family was on the phone during the pre-surgery consult was so very much appreciated.
There was so much information to go over; we weren’t rushed at all. The caring you exuded was very apparent, for which we remain grateful. We were so relieved when you asked about any other health issues and subsequently advised you could perform the mass removal surgeries all in the same day. Our vet indicated that would not be the case. The time you took to be sure Daisy would be confined to a comfortable space with company and activity surrounding her while healing left quite an impression.
Thank you very much for your compassion and expertise.”

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