Misio breaks a leg yet his owner is happy!

Misio (pronounced Mischo), an incredibly cute 4 pound, 6 month old Pom Pom, broke his arm (radius & ulna) by – classically – jumping from his owner’s arms. We added him to the surgery schedule the very next day and repaired the fracture with a tiny plate and tiny screws.
His owner IR writes:
“Hello Dr. Zeltzman, Just wanted to take a moment and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your professional & caring work with Misio. Thank you to your whole team for making this difficult time as seamless as possible & for answering all the questions in a quick fashion.
I'm so impressed with how small of tools you are able to work with in order to fix tiny bones and Misio is most grateful although still in pain. He seems to be recovering well with no signs of infection or swelling with a huge appetite.
(…) He seems so dependent on us & our affection, he is such a precious little guy.
Once again thank you.”

After 6 weeks, Misio healed very nicely. His owner writes after seeing the X-rays:

“Wow, that's very impressive. It healed perfectly.
I am very grateful for you and for your talent. Once again thank you sooo much for all your help.”

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