Jago and the surprising neuter

Jago, a 14 year old German shepherd, became a patient in 2011. He had a torn ACL, which was addressed with a TPLO. Jago is not your average patient. He is a super duper champion “bite dog.” Bite work training means teaching a dog to bite on command. Outside of his work sessions, Jago is a very sweet dog.
10 years later, he started to have difficulty urinating. His prostate was enlarged, so a neuter was performed. One testicle was biopsied… and revealed testicular cancer (Sertoli cell tumor). So treating one problem allowed us to treat two!
After surgery, his owner MT writes:
“I want to thank you for doing Jago’s surgery. It gave me a peace of mind knowing I had the best surgeon doing it. I know it was "just" a neuter but it was MY Jago going through it at 13 1/2 years old. I wanted the best. I couldn't ask for a quicker recovery......except for the cone & keeping him quiet that is......LOL.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being the surgeon you are & for being a friend to me & Jago!”

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