Jack travels from NYC to treat his megacolon

Jack, a 9 year old kitty, was unable to poop because of a megacolon (“giant colon”). This is a painful and debilitating condition in cats. The colon becomes larger and larger, and becomes a mega-colon. The only definitive treatment is surgery, ie to remove the colon. His owner traveled from NYC to PA to have the surgery performed.
The day after surgery, his owner JF writes:
“Jack is great so far. He is eating by mouth. So far his pain level appears to be managed well. He appears to look bright (…). He had his first stool this evening. Hopefully, everything will continue to progress well.
Thank you again for accepting Jack's case. I searched high and low for someone qualified to help Jack. I'm grateful for you taking the time to hear my predicament out and check out his records from afar.”

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