Successful fracture repair for Basil, the 23 year old kitty

Basil, a 23 year old kitty, had a shattered tibia (shin bone). He went to the local ER, where his owner was told that he was too old and should be put to sleep. That did not sit well with Basil's owner. He may be 23 years old, but he was healthy otherwise, so why end his life?

After surgery, his owner EO writes:

“Basil has been officially sprung free from his cage after 10 weeks of strict confinement to recuperate from his broken leg.
My sweet 23 year old cat is finally back on the couch with me. (…)
We are so grateful for your talent and tenacity and compassion. You’re an incredible healer Dr. Zeltzman. He’s really doing great.
(…) I really have no words to thank you enough.”

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