Happy 2 year anniversary after Puppy Magic’s 4 surgeries!

Puppy Magic, a now 13 year old Labrador, had 2 TPLOs (to address ACL tears), a tie back (to treat laryngeal paralysis) and a toe amputation (for cancer). Two years after the first surgery, his owner ME writes:

“It was two years ago today! And Puppy turned 14 1/2 today! Puppy is doing well - no major issues. Walking well and farther and eating well. We walk three times a day. Two walks are approximately 0.3 miles and the other is a little shorter. Puppy wants to walk farther but I say that we will do it gradually. Puppy is happy that we did it all! Thanks again for everything!”

To read Puppy Magic’s incredible story, click here: www.drphilzeltzman.com/blog/puppy-magic-my-biggest-ethical-dilemma-of-2020

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