Colby, a 6 year cancer survivor

Colby, a 14 year old Cocker, had 2 surgeries.
In 2015, he had an aggressive cancerous tumor in his anal gland (anal sac carcinoma) which was removed. Cisplatin chemo beads were then placed.
Then in 2018, he had surgery to address a torn ACL.
Six years after the 1st surgery, his faithful owner KM writes:
“Dear Dr. Zeltzman - we are again at that time of year to thank you for your skills in allowing us to have Colby for the last 14 years. He turned 14 in August and other than a slipped disc issue a few months ago, has been fine. The disc issue has resolved and he is back to his spunky little self. No ball chasing and some other modifications to his behavior. No more favorite chair and he is fine. Thanks again. Have a Happy, Healthy Holiday Season.”

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