Clifford is "doing exceptionally well" after ear surgery

Clifford, a 5 year old Cocker, had repeated ear infections related to his breed and skin allergies.

He had a TECA (Total Ear Canal Ablation) on the left side. A mass was found in the ear canal – fortunately benign (adenoma). The culture showed FOUR different bacteria!

Then about a month later, he had a TECA on the right side. Only one – unusual – bacteria was found this time.

He had various complications, typical of this surgery, and overall recovered well thanks to the dedication of his loving owner.

Two years later, his owner, MC, sent this amazing update:

“You did TECA surgery on both ears of my cocker spaniel Clifford two years ago. I can hardly believe it’s been two full years since his surgery! He is doing exceptionally well! He still has a head tilt and one of his eyes never did regain the full blink reflex but I continue to put eye drops in and he’s functioning perfectly fine. I just wanted to once again thank you so much for what you did for him. We sort of think his head tilt gives him a sort of “swagger” and he has earned that right! He did not regain his hearing but does feel vibration and somehow knows the difference between random vehicles and ours! He jumps up and looks out the window about 30 seconds before my husband pulls in!

In other news, he is going to have a procedure on his right lower eyelid to remove a skin tag that he has had for about a year which has gotten larger and is now making it difficult for him. He is having it done on May 10. Other than that, he is our usual sweet boy who no longer cries out in pain when we touch his ears!

If you ever have any clients who are hesitant to have this procedure for their pet, please do not hesitate to share my story with them or to give them my contact information. Despite some of the after-effects he experienced, I still would recommend this surgery again because he no longer needs constant medication that didn’t work well anyway and more importantly, he has no pain!

I wish you all the best as you continue taking such good care of the pets that mean so much to us!”

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