Cala's Story of Laryngeal Paralysis

Cala, a 12 year old Lab, had surgery for Laryngeal Paralysis, a condition that made her suffocate. Three months after surgery, her owner CR writes:

“Happy Thanksgiving!  We have so much to be thankful for and especially thankful for the rejuvenation of our sweet Cala... She is a new dog thanks to the surgery!  All has been very well so far, and we are working on a 2 block walk now up to 15 - 20 minutes, weather permitting!!   (…)  So to sum things up.... Cala is doing better than expected, she is a happy 12 year old, eating, pooping and peeing like she should.  (…) So happy to be enjoying her carrots again and also gets a very small dog treat from time to time.  When she pants, it is quiet and short.  (…) I just love having her healthy and happy again.  Thank you for giving her and her family more time together... She is a precious girl and we love her.”

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