Buddy's Story of Dislocated Kneecaps

Buddy, a 1 year old Maltese, has surgery to repair both of his dislocated kneecaps.

“Hello Dr Zeltzman,  (…) As for Buddy he is doing very well.  (…) He thinks he is a puppy he runs from room to room when he comes in from a walk and there is no way to stop it this is a habit he started years ago.  He does lick his leg at times and sometimes he just jumps up.  But otherwise I think he is doing well.  Thank you again for all you have done for Buddy and us.”

Well over a year after surgery, his owner DB writes:  “Dear Dr. Zeltzman, You may not remember as it's been such a long time, but you did surgery on our little cutie - Buddy. I wanted to thank you deeply for the wonderful work you did on Buddy's knees.  The last time we were in to see you, you had to remove Buddy's pins. He has been doing so well that he can jump two feet off the sofa from a running start! He's a very happy dog and so are we. We will be proud to recommend you to anyone! Thank you again.

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