Casey's Story of Foreign Body Ingestion

Casey was in a tough situation.  The 3 year old Golden retriever had gotten into the trash and swallowed some tampons.  They caused so much damage that his family vet removed a large section of his damaged intestine.  A week later, Casey became very sick and pus was pouring out of his belly.  We performed surgery and found a large abscess in the middle of his belly, along with pus in the belly (septic peritonitis).  After he recovered from surgery, his owner DJ writes:

“It is very difficult to fully express our appreciation for the extraordinary care, love and expertise you all gave our Golden Boy. Everyone, the doctors, the nurses and the front desk staff were beyond anything we could have hoped for. We have no doubt that without this wonderful facility and staff, we would have lost Casey. Truly the only reason we have him home and recuperating is because of this very special place in the angels who work there. You always made us feel welcome and nothing we asked or wanted was never too much or a bother. We are simply overwhelmed by the level of professionalism, care and expertise you all show every minute of the day. We spend a lot of time with you and saw that it was not just Casey who received this level of care and love, it was all your patients and their families and that is truly extraordinary. You clearly know how much our four-legged family members mean to their families. This is a very special place and Casey was exactly where he needed to be. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being there for Casey and I said for never giving up on him for doing the many extraordinary things needed to pull through. We are truly blessed to have found you.  (…) We love you all.

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