Silla's Story of Tibia Fracture

Silla, a 3 year old kitty, had surgery to repair a nasty fracture of the tibia or shin bone.  We use a long stainless steel plate and multiple screws.  Six months after surgery, her owner CB wrote:
“Dr. Zeltzman, (…) in June of last year you reconstructed the leg of my cat, Silla, who had suffered a spiral fracture of the left tibia.  (…)   I am delighted to say that Silla, who is now almost 4, is still doing well. :-)  Thank you for such a wonderful job well done!!!”
Two years after surgery, Silla had a mysterious open wound on her surgery leg. We then removed the plate and the screws. Two months after surgery, CB writes:  “Dr. Zeltzman,  I've been meaning to send you a thank you card, but it's really hard for me to find the words, since "thank you" just doesn't seem sufficient.  Silla is doing wonderfully.  :-)   I was so amazed that she put weight on that leg, as she walked immediately after the procedure.  She healed quickly and beautifully.  It's almost as if it never happened.  Thank you for taking such wonderful care of her.  :-)”

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