Cheyenne's Story of Obesity and TPLO

I heard an incredible story today.
I had done knee surgery (a TPLO) on Cheyenne, a morbidly obese Beagle mix about 5 years ago. She was close to 100 lbs!
KF writes: "She could barely lift her body up."
The owner (who had just adopted her) took weight loss very seriously. By changing the food and slowly increasing her activity, she was able to get her to... 45 pounds - a much better weight for her size!
So she cut her weight in half!
She writes: "She is now 10 years old (she'll be 11 in August) and is doing great.  She jumps like a puppy."
An incredible achievement by an incredibly dedicated pet owner, and living proof that the information shared in our book really works!

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