Trooper's Story of Multiple Fractures

SB, a former client, remembers me 9 years after surgery and sent this amazing email:
"Hello Dr. Zeltzman, I'm certain you don't remember me, but you may remember my GSD "Trooper". He is a dog that you treated in 2004 when you worked in Cincinnati. He had been hit by a car and had to have extensive surgery to put him back together (I think 17 pins) and then he had to have an FHO surgery. He was about 3 months old when he was hit by the car and about 6 months old when he had the FHO.

Trooper has been a true blessing to me and I am so glad you were able to put him back together. I have been told by several vets that it is a miracle he can walk, much less do what he does. I have taken him swimming twice a week for most of his life and he is so strong. He has never let his injuries slow him down, unless you count getting a little older and a little slower. He has always had a funny gait when he runs but other than that he has done so well. He has two GSD playmates and keeps up with them most of the time.

He has always had digestive issues and I have often wondered if it could be attributed to his trauma. He is currently taking Pepcid (which is working so far) but I haven't had a vet be able to tell me what is wrong with him. It can be scary when his problem happens because he will eat anything he can get into his mouth. The last time it was a pillowcase. He passed it but I am always concerned when it happens. His blood work all comes back normal. It's ok. It's not too bad and it's manageable most of the time.  

He is getting arthritis in his back end and it is keeping him from running as much but he is still so enthusiastic about swimming and catching a ball that he doesn't seem to miss running around. He also can't jump as high. I was shocked the first time he stood on his hind legs. I never thought he would be able to do that. He is indeed a miracle fur baby.  I have made sure to keep him thin and active, as you told me to, so he could be the best boy he could possibly be.

I just wanted to share him with you and say "Thanks" for what you do.

I have attached a few pictures so you can see what an amazing dog he is. Also, if you care to look, there is a video of him swimming on You Tube. It is called "Trooper Swims" by Christopher Bowles. It really shows how well he moves and how much he loves to swim."

Thank you so much for everything you have done for Trooper. You played a very big part in saving his life. We can’t thank you enough!"

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