Ziva's Story of Twisted Intestines

Ziva, a 9 month old German shepherd, was suspected to have intestinal volvulus (aka mesenteric torsion), a terrible condition where the intestines twist on themselves. It is deadly in 99% of cases. Surgery confirmed the suspicion, but Ziva made it through surgery.  We also performed a prophylactic gastropexy, a procedure designed to tack the stomach to the inside of the belly so the stomach doesn’t twist should the dog get “bloat.” Her owner CK writes:
“Dr Zeltzman, I apologize for this being way overdue. I’m so grateful that you were there that crazy night in December, and I thank the Lord that he provided a well-known and established surgeon.  He has truly given you a gift.
Thanks to you, Ziva is back to being her playful self! The fact that you followed up with my vet just shows the care and concern you have for each pet.
She’s now over a year, and I have you to thank. Once again, thank you for everything. You have my sincere gratitude.”

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