Jago's Story of Torn ACL and TPLO

Jago, a 4 year old German shepherd, had TPLO surgery to fix his ACL tear. The challenge was that Jago is Super Dog, part of a training club, so he had to be able to train and chase the bad guys again. Here are some of the comments after his 2 month postop recheck:

“You cannot tell that there was anything wrong with his leg. (…) By winter, I do not want to be the decoy that takes his first bite!”

“Dr. Zeltzman....many of the Dekka Haus family are quickly becoming members of your fan club. We are fortunate to have such a quality surgeon available to travel the area to treat our pets with the compassion and expertise that you offer. You are a hidden "gem" that too few are aware of. Thank you for all you have done for so many of us.”


MT writes: “I have 2 AWESOME vets! My regular vet who knew her limitations when it came to repairing my working dog Jago’s ACL. And thanks to my friends at training who referred us to Dr. Zeltzman. He performed TPLO surgery on Jago & 6 months later he was back to doing protection work! That's what I call an AWESOME vet....many, many thanks!!!!!”

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