Blizz's Story of 3 Broken Toes

Blizz, a very cute 4 month old white Lab puppy broke 3 toes (metatarsal bones). They were repaired with pins.  Three months after surgery, her owner KC writes:

"You performed orthopedic surgery on Blizz 3 months ago.  On your instructions form you ask for an update and we'd love to share it with you.  Blizz did well with the splint.  It was obviously difficult to keep a young puppy quiet, but she did very well.  At each week's check-up and bandage change, we were told how great her foot looked - no raw spots, good healing., etc.  We followed your instructions for the 4 weeks after the bandage was removed and we watched as she regained muscle and comfort in the use of her foot each week.  The "puppy rehab" as we have called it is now over, and unless you see the scar, it is hard to tell she ever had anything done to her foot.  Thanks for your help!"

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