Baby's Story of Physical Therapy After Surgery

Just when I thought you can't top embarrassing compliments, here's the unbelievable message I received:
(to be fair, someone else had done surgery on her dog.  She came to see me for a second opinion afterward).

LL writes:  "Dr Zeltzman, I just wanted to once again Thank You for taking the time out of your schedule yesterday to take a look at Baby.   As ALWAYS, I respect, trust, value and appreciate your opinion.   I will continue to work with Baby and I will begin some water therapy at home with her today as well as our other at home therapy exercises.  We have a visit for physical therapy soon and we will continue to see go on a regular basis. Hopefully, with determination and consistent work, Baby will have a successful recovery.  I will stay in touch and keep you updated on her progress.
It was a pleasure seeing you again and I am once again reminded that when it comes to quality care for our pets you are the ONLY choice."

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