Madison's Story of Torn ACLs and TPLO Surgeries

Madison, a 7 year old Golden, had two separate TPLO surgeries performed to address tears in her ACLs. Three months after the 2nd surgery, her owner, KM, writes:  “You’re the best thing that happened to Madison!  She can now walk, and play and has her life back again.  And I 'trust' your advice, which takes a lot for me to say since a lot of vets gave me bad advice or conflicting reports.” 

Then 4 months after surgery, KM writes:   “Hi Dr. Zeltzman,   Well, we made it… Madison is all done with her rehab restrictions and is all ready to go lead a productive and healthy Fall!   Thank you so much for all your help and guidance throughout this rehab process (…). You were a real trooper and sport about it (…).  Well, she has been walking so nicely and just seems to be getting stronger with that left leg each and every day.  Thank you for answers and support with Madison.  You have a nice down to earth way about yourself as a vet and a specialist.  I appreciate that in you!  I'll keep in touch if anything else arises with her.  (…) I just look at Madison and how her simple common ACL injury was so misdiagnosed by everyone prior to you.....”

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