Nanuk's Story of ACL and TPLO

Nanuk, an 8 year old Malamute, had ACL surgery with nylon sutures (the “standard repair”) performed by a colleague. That surgery didn’t work so well, and we performed a TPLO to correct the ACL and the subsequent dislocated kneecap. Four months after surgery, his owner LH writes:
“Greetings Dr. Zeltzman,
Nanuk is doing amazingly well. Even when he first gets up from laying down for a while. He still, sometimes, takes his time getting upstairs, but other than that, seems pretty much back to normal and I thank you for that.
I'm thrilled with the results and I never expected him to be where he is now.
If I had to give you a number, I'd say (he is) 95% (back to normal)!!! The other 5% would be for the occasional stiffness I see, sometimes. You warned me, when we last spoke over the phone that he'd be stiff when he got up, but I hardly see this. Sometimes he sits slowly, but then, he did this before all of this started. I love that he doesn't walk with a limp at all. I'm just waiting for his fur to grow back in :) 
We're back to walking our regular route, although I still take it easy with him, but he wants to go further. (…) Thanks again, for giving me my puppy back, thanks for everything.”

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