Can you afford surgery on your pet?

Pets commonly get into things they shouldn’t. When they swallow something, we call that a foreign body.

Recent foreign bodies we have removed from cats and dogs include, from memory: pieces of a belt, of an electric cord, of floss, of a yoga matt, of a basketball; a chicken bone, a sock, a rubber toy, an acorn, a squeaky toy, a sewing needle, hair ties, a giant hairball and an ear plug.

How to prevent bite wounds

Have you heard about the poor guy who was awarded $100 million yesterday after losing most of his left arm, most of his left leg, and his left ear, in an attack by a pack of dogs outside a Detroit home?

This week is “National Dog Bite Prevention Week.” It’s a time to learn how you can avoid getting bitten by a dog.

First, I also would like to share some tips about how to prevent your pet from getting bitten.

Craziest foreign body contest

Has your pet ever swallowed something he or she shouldn’t have?

You won’t believe what other vets have removed from pets’ stomachs and intestines!

Veterinary Practice News, a magazine for vets (in which I write monthly), published the amazing results of the 2014 foreign body competition. Vets from the entire Nation submitted X-rays that show some pretty incredible objects swallowed by pets. Continue…

The biggest threat to your pet

The numbers are out… and they’re not encouraging…

An overweight Corgi

An overweight Corgi

Every year, the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention or APOP (full disclosure: I’m a volunteer member of the board) collects information about the weight and “Body Condition Score” of cats and dogs throughout the US. Sadly, despite vets’ efforts, our pets get a little bit chubbier every year.

Who is the #1 breed?

The AKC (American Kennel Club) just released the top 10 most common dog breeds. Can you guess who #1 is?

For the 24th year, the Lab is #1. Here are the results: