5 New Year resolutions for cats

Dear Human,

This is your cat writing*.

With the start of the New Year, I thought I would send you a few suggestions to get me closer to the status we felines once held in ancient Egypt. We were worshiped as gods, and this is the status I would like to return to this year.

Cool cat

1. Play with me every day
Some people who are owned by a cat think that we don’t need that much attention. I beg to differ. We need lots of attention. We felines crave attention. And we deserve attention. So play with me – every day. In the process, I will entertain you, make you smile, and lower your blood pressure. Besides, I hear it’s great exercise, and we could all afford to lose an ounce or two after the holidays.

2. Help me love my carrier
I overheard that my carrier is my safe ticket to getting out of the house more frequently. I would love to get out of the house, and be transported by a chauffeur as I deserve. But I hate my crate. Help me change that. Help me love my crate, and I promise I won’t hide and fight you every time. Here is a video you can learn from: https://www.catalystcouncil.org/resources/health_welfare/cat_carrier_video/index.aspx

3. Take me on a walk
Dogs should not be the only ones allowed to be walked outside. As long as you don’t interrupt my nap, teach me to walk on a leash, with a kitty harness. First let’s do that inside so I get used to the idea. Then maybe you can walk me in the yard, and possibly even on a sidewalk if you feel it’s clean and safe enough for someone of my status.
Your friends and neighbors will fawn all over me because seeing a cat on a leash is such a rare treat for humans. Think of all the petting and attention!

4. Teach me a trick
In an effort to elevate my status, I am willing to prove that I am smarter than dogs. Teach me tricks and I will show you how smart I really am. You’ve always suspected that I understand every word you are saying, so allow me to prove it by letting me learn a trick.

5. Take better care of Me
Measure what I eat. Schedule an appointment with my vet if I haven’t been there in the past 6 months. I wouldn’t want to be accused of feline obesity or diabetes. Also help me keep my pearly whites in good condition! Preventive health care is the secret to a long and happy life, and only you can help me achieve that.

Help me make 2015 the year I begin elevating my status in your house. Help me reclaim my well-deserved place in the world. Help me make this dream a reality. So please do your part and follow these 5 simple steps* to keep me happy, healthy, and deservedly revered!

Until next time,

Phil Zeltzman, DVM, DACVS, CVJ

* These 5 New Year resolution are loosely inspired from information provided by the CATalyst Council, an organization dedicated to cat health and welfare. Find more information at www.catalystcouncil.org.

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