Your dog had WHAT removed?

Kado, a 4 year old Husky, had a tumor (grade 2 mast cell tumor) near the tip of his prepuce (ie sheath). It is actually a common tumor, but a tricky location.

The only way to completely remove it was to remove the entire prepuce, and therefore, sacrifice (i.e. remove) his entire penis. A new opening was created to allow him to pee (urethrostomy). One year after surgery, his owner KM writes:

“Hi Dr. Zeltzman, It has been a year since Kado’s surgery (see picture above). He is doing great. He will be celebrating his 5th birthday on Monday. He is a very happy dog and full of energy and loves playing with our other dog. We just love him so much.”

So? Crazy surgery? Or life-saving procedure?

Phil Zeltzman, DVM, DACVS, CVJ, Fear Free Certified


Dr. Phil Zeltzman

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